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Tecumseh Golden Age Center


November 15, 2018

We are having beautiful fall weather. The trees around the Center are lovely colors of yellows, oranges, greens, browns, and reds. Usually we are not blessed with these glorious views.

That is one reason to protect your eyesight. I also want to encourage you to protect your hearing. It’s a NOISY planet out there! Loud noises such as firearms, loud concerts, or listening to music through headphones at high volumes can actually destroy your hearing in about 15 minutes. Using noisy equipment like yard or farm equipment can damage our hearing more slowly.

Here are some suggestions to help save your hearing: 1. Lower the volume because damage occurs when the noise level reaches 85 decibels. 2. Move away from noise because distance does help. 3. Wear hearing protectors like ear plugs or ear muffs when you must use loud equipment or firearms. Remember to protect your children as well as yourself. 4. Use a licensed audiologist to have your hearing checked for an accurate diagnosis to prevent further hearing loss. 5. Treat ear infections immediately.

My dad, Bud Stanley, suffered from several childhood ear infections that were not treated correctly so that he suffered from hearing loss most of his life. He was classified as 4F when he tried to volunteer for the Army in WWII. He had classes in lip reading to help him in life. Then, he received one of the early cochlear implants that allowed him to hear through a microphone that transmitted sound through a wire to his skull that vibrated and created sound for him. There have been some advancements in that area to help the deaf to hear.

It is rather late news, but we had fun choosing the winning costumes at Halloween. Congratulations to first place, Joyce Webb, or should I say “Joe Webb,” because she certainly made a spooky “ole man farmer.” Second place went to the delightful pirate, Leota Trice, and third place went to Arthenia Haney, who was a Teen Bopper in a poodle skirt and saddle oxfords.

Thanksgiving dinner for the Center was Wednesday the 14th with the traditional turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie for dessert. The center will be closed on the 22nd and 23rd for the staff to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanks to the family of Rick Gilbert’s brother, Randy Gilbert, who host the annual community dinner at City Hall on Thanksgiving Day. It is a blessing to Tecumseh.

Birthdays will be celebrated on the 21st for these people born in November, Jack Parson, Charlotte Harrison, John Earls, and Martha Sliger. I helped my granddaughter, Natalie, celebrate her 13th birthday on the 5th in Tulsa. I can’t believe she is a teenager!

We extend our sympathy to the Williamson family in the loss of Lois Williamson, beloved wife, mother, and friend to many of us. We will miss her sweet smile at the center. We welcomed Louanne Parson who was back for a visit from Eureka Springs, where she now lives with her daughter, Dianne. Her daughter, Charissa Litherland, is a stewardess for the IT Emirates Airlines so she lives in Dubai which is in the country of the United Arab Emirates. She and her family plan to move to Eureka Springs soon. Wow, that is such a beautiful vacation spot!

Edna Sangster’s great-grandson and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Brown of Lawton, are expecting her 11th great-great-grandchild which is a boy due in January! She attended the baby shower. Congratulations!

We remembered our veterans on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Thanks to all who served in our various military forces: Nelda Farrow, John Collier, Richard Combs, Gil Dildine, Dennis Trammell, and Jerry Moss. A SHOUT OUT to our military that defend our freedoms every day! Thank you for your service.

Everyone needs a good laugh every day. Our joke for the day: As a congregation was gathering for church there was a terrifying BOOM and Satan appeared before them! Everyone scattered from the building screaming except a little lady on the second row. Satan was surprised to find someone left so he asked her, “Aren’t you afraid of ME and the hell to come?”

The little lady calmly replied, “ No, I’ve been married to your brother for 30 years!”


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