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Locals Design, Patent, Develop New Product


November 22, 2018

Rick Stiles, right, drew up the basic concept for what would eventually become the Trigger Mate. Brandon Mansur brought the idea to life. After years of trial and error, these two entrepreneurs are ready to reveal their new patented product and plans for their new company.

In 2012, there were 16 fatal mass shootings in the United States with the most horrific of these being the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

According to FBI statistics, 95 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in that same year. The nation watched in horror as gun control debates became more heated.

One Bethel resident did more than watch. An old English proverb says necessity is the father of invention. In Jan. 2013 Rick Stiles saw a need and began the long ques...

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