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What's Your Favorite Christmas Tree?


November 29, 2018

What is your favorite Christmas tree? Do you have a favorite?

Is it one of the big city trees like in Times Square or something smaller or simpler? Is it a themed tree or a hodge-podge? Is it full and perfect or scrawny and weak like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

I’m not sure I can choose just one. I think all Christmas trees are beautiful and all of them bring a sense of nostalgia for me. Oh I take that back … I’ve never understood the whole upside down Christmas tree, you know the ones that hang from the ceiling. That is just wrong and frankly a little weird.

So with the exception of the upside down trees, I love all Christmas trees. As a child I could spend hours laying on the floor staring at the tinsel tree. The lights twinkled as the color wheel turned, changing the tree from red to blue to yellow to green and back to red again. It was hypnotizing.

In later years, we had an artificial tree covered with homemade decorations. Mom would save all the Christmas cards from the year before and we would cut them out, place them in canning lid rings and hang them from the tree. The beautiful photos from the cards made perfect ornaments. Then we would add the lights and again I could lie in the floor for hours just looking at them.

I had a theme for my first Christmas tree as an adult. The bulbs were all blue and green wrapped in silk. I’m not sure what my theme was but at the time I thought it was beautiful. I was so proud of it. I think I actually got to enjoy it one whole evening. The kitty was fascinated with the bulbs and of course loved to climb the tree. I still remember walking through the front door to discover yards and yards of red, blue and green string stretched from one end of my living room to the other. Those bulbs were destroyed by the end of that season, but the kitty had blast playing with them.

My first Christmas as a mom I put the Christmas tree inside the playpen, you know just to be safe from the toddler. Then there was my Christmas as a single mom, the Christmas that I didn’t want to put up a tree. The kids were supposed to be at their dads for the holiday so I just wasn’t in the mood. My mom had other plans.

She purchased me a live tree and delivered it to my house. The kids and I spent hours making chains out of construction paper and stringing popcorn. It turned out to be a very festive tree and was added to my growing list of favorite trees.

Through the years I have amassed an eclectic assortment of ornaments. My dear hubby thinks I have too many, but I disagree.

You see, the tree is just the foundation. Each year I build on this foundation, adding another ornament, another memory. I pull each and every one of the ornaments out of the box and remember when I got it, where I got it and why I got it. It doesn’t matter if it was store bought or handmade; each one of those ornaments holds a special memory, a special place in my heart.


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