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After Six Months, It's Time For Running Water


March 28, 2019

It's been approximately six months since we've had running water, hot or cold, in the house. Admittedly, we planned to head for warmer states this past winter while in the midst of construction of our bigger-than-tiny home. We are building it ourselves, and being recently back from camping in the Arizona desert, I am ready to welcome a few creature comforts back into my life. I'm getting indoor plumbing!

Living without running water at home was only doable because Mr. Right fills and lugs a seven-gallon jug from the outside faucet every few days. Since we live across the driveway from our daughter and her family, we are lucky to have open access to a shower and a washer/dryer.

But this has been a learning experience for Mr. Right and me. Conserving water is important for when we are camping. Seven gallons must last us five days because that is the maximum lifespan of a frozen gallon block of ice in our cooler. With that in mind, we carry five days of supplies - water, ice and fresh food, and clothes. After five days we head to a town to refill, resupply, and do laundry.

Mr. Right and I find ways to limit our water use when camping. Using vinegar water (50% vinegar to water) to cut grease on cooking implements helps us use less water. For occasional showers we carry a two-gallon sprayer and heat water for showering in our shower tent when appropriate. No need to be shy in the desert; people are few and far between. Just spray down, soap up, and rinse. Most times, between him and me, we don't use all the allotted two gallons. Mr. Right and I know when water is limited we must adapt and conserve. Drinking water is a necessity; bathing ourselves and washing dishes come in a far second and third. Baby wipes come in handy for a quick "sponge" bath.

Be that as it may ... I'm getting plumbing! Don't get me wrong. I love camping because I love the simplicity of living outdoors. But I love coming home even more. I miss our family, and the construction zone we call home.

I also love the luxury of turning on the faucet and getting instant hot water. The longer we've lived without it, the more I crave it. I wish to luxuriate in the huge bathtub I bought in anticipation of future indoor running water. At this point I can do little except sit in the dry tub with cucumber shower gel in one hand and my scratchy bath mitt on the other while dreaming of the hot water in my future. I'm getting indoor plumbing!


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