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Tecumseh Golden Age Center


March always seems so long to me, coming after February that only has 28 days. It had five weekends in it and three column deadlines for me.

When we are young, we think school will never be out, our birthday will never come and we will never have that first date. However, those things do happen eventually until you find yourself facing retirement.

Those of us at the Golden Age Center have a lot of experience with being retired since most of us are. So I am going to give you some advice as you go into retirement. First, You can sleep late or stay up late or both! Hint: still get 8 hours of sleep to have a healthy life style.

Second, you don’t have to get dressed! Hint: Dress up as if you are going somewhere. What are you saving those clothes for? Third, you have time to read, watch TV, play games. Hint: Limit your time on those things like you would for your child.

Fourth, volunteer for something that you are passionate about, whether it is with church, an organization, or club. Hint: your time is still valuable so don’t overdo it. Save time to spend with your extended family, traveling, learning something new or visiting an old friend that you haven’t seen in awhile.

Remember that you need to stay active as you age because your body is not the only thing aging — so is your brain! Finally, it is time to downsize! Don’t save all that stuff for your family to go through later.

We extend our sympathy to the Gilbert families in the passing of their dad, Richard Gilbert. That family means so much to this community; we all sorrow with them over their loss.

Please remember Frank Young and Kathryn Mullins in your prayers. We welcome Kathryn back! We are no longer providing rides to the center. Thanks to those who have volunteered to give rides to those that need them to the center. You are a blessing!

We welcome several new members: a mother and daughter, Sarah Hutchinson and Mildred Eakins; a father and son, Jack and Steven Thomas; plus Pat Brewer, Ivan Haley, Wilma Harris, Wanda Hulin, Phyllis Klingman, Betty Pliler and Wendell Ware. Please remember to bring individually wrapped candy for our Easter treats!

Don’t forget the Redbud Festival, which is a free dinner and extended block party featuring vendors and live entertainment, on Saturday, April 13, from 5-8 p.m. in Shawnee.

If you don’t want pizza, Hamburger King, where you still order over the telephones at the booths, as well as other downtown restaurants and food trucks, will be open for business.

Shawnee is the Redbud City of Oklahoma, and the Redbud is the state tree. At the same time, stop by Pottawatomie County Museum located in the old Santa Fe Railroad Depot for a nostalgic treat.

Also Made in Oklahoma Festival in Seminole starts April 5 with a golf tournament and spaghetti dinner and dance at the municipal building and goes through the 6th at the expo building. Lots of spring activities going on!


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