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Golden Age Center


April 18, 2019

Thanks again to all those who have said they enjoy my column! I am not the first columnist for the Golden Age Center. My mom, Thearl Stanley, Katherine Jenkins, and Martha Sliger were three of the earlier writers.

I have told you a lot about my mom, but Martha Sliger is still a faithful member and also has had a very interesting life. She was born in Wewoka, OK, in 1933 to Tennie and Arthur Chilcoat, who were sharecroppers. She was the youngest of six children and was named for the black midwife who delivered her at home.

Martha Ann Chilcoat dropped out of school to go to work. She married Leroy Wright on Sept. 24, 1952, and they had three children. He was killed in an accident on Jan. 8, 1962, so she moved to Ada, OK, so that her children would be able to go to college. During that time she was a policewoman for the city of Ada for three years.

She met and married Chester Sliger on Sept. 7, 1968, and they moved to Oklahoma City where she enrolled in nursing because she always had a desire to care for others, especially the elderly. They moved to a farm on the Red River and then to Tecumseh because they did not like living in a big city. She retired in 1993. She lost Chester in 1999, a loving husband who had been a foreman for Wonder Bread for 40 years.

Prayers were requested for Juanita DeWebber, who is currently in rehab. We extend our sympathy to Donna Dyke, who lost her brother from Texas. Her daughter’s family from Georgia was able to come to visit and attend the funeral with her. She enjoyed time with her two grandsons whom she had not seen, Ares and Eli. May the Carters have a safe trip home.

We have found a cook; thanks to all who applied. We enjoyed a morning of music thanks to Winky Ware, who played the guitar and sang several gospel and country songs. He owned furniture stores in Shawnee and Tecumseh, but his real love was playing with bands for country stars like Jude & Jody and Conway Twitty.

We wish Jerry Moss and Melinda Yates a very happy birthday! April 18 is my granddaughter’s 11th birthday! On April 22 Oklahoma will celebrate its 130th birthday of the Land Run of 1889.

My grandmother, Louisa (Deal) Stanley, was born on April 29,1889, in White Bead, Indian Territory. Her dad was in the land run, but died shortly after building their cabin near Henderson, Ok Territory ( no longer in existence) in 1895 when she was only 6 years old.

Her mother married Robert M. Fowler in 1895, and they moved to Tribbey in 1919. These early pioneers overcame many hardships looking for a better life.


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