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All right. Are you prepared for another round of investigations into Russia, Russia, Russia and what the sons and daughters of those confirmed Bolsheviks did or did not do (or tried to do or did not try to do) during and/or before and possibly after the presidential election of 2016?

No, you say? Had enough, you cry? Can’t take it anymore, you plead?

Well, buckle up, soldier. This may never end. Russia, Russia, Russia may last for a decade. Two decades? Even three? Who knows. And what after that? China, China, China? Denmark, Denmark, Denmark? Mars, Mars, Mars? Who cares?

We don’t. And we know most of you don’t. Surely, you don’t.

Remember how all this started?

Think back to 2016. Barack Obama was retiring as president after eight years and Joe Biden was stepping down as his vice president. They were Democrats, of course, and the country was gearing up for another round of partisan flipflopping. You know. Democrats from 1992 to 2000. Republicans from 2000 to 2008. Democrats from 2008 to 2016. But Republicans after that. Lots of them wanted it but who could win?

Donald Trump? Surely not. He had a soiled past and couldn’t seem to get off something called “Twitter.” He’d go down quickly. The Republicans would win, all right, because it was their turn and the Democrats had rigged their decision to make sure Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, was a shoo-in. Sit back and watch.

But things didn’t work out as planned. Yes, Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million. But that’s not how you win in the United States. The Founding Fathers were already concerned about heavy voting in the most populous states so they established an Electoral College. Donald Trump, the brash and wealthy upstart who couldn’t win, claimed 36 electoral votes more than Mrs. Clinton. Election Over. Mr. Trump in. Mrs. Clinton back home in New York or Arkansas or Illinois or some other place that never will be Washington, D.C.

Okay. Back to something resembling early 2016, the presidential standoff between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump won it and Mrs. Clinton knew he did because both of those individuals went to school when children were taught about the Electoral College. Lots of Democrats came undone. And some avid Democrats connected to the outgoing Obama administration may — and we emphasize “may” — have resorted to outright skullduggery. We will all have to wait to see the evidence, but it is looking more and more that a fake dossier about Mr. Trump was used to get a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) warrant authorizing government intrusion into the Trump campaign. Republicans call that “spying.” Some Democrats might call it “due process” but that makes “spying” sound all that much better.

All right. This was supposed to be settled when William Barr returned to Washington to become attorney general for a second time but Democrats would cut him no slack. Because he followed the law and redacted grand jury material as the law required in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia, Russia, Russia. Barr became Enemy No. 1 for Democrat talking heads.

Enemy No. 2 was Mueller himself. He was expected to find that everyone associated with the Trump campaign succumbed to Russian influence ... but he didn’t do that. Shame! Shame!

So now we move on to potential Enemy No. 3 and perhaps even No. 4. Target No. 3 is very likely to be John Durham, a highly respected federal attorney serving from Connecticut. From what we can tell, he has an absolutely spotless record. By the time you read this, however, the sliming of the Hon. Mr. Durham will probably be in high gear.

No. 4? The candidate for this unwanted honor is Department of Justice Inspector Michael D. Horowitz, who has already been on this case for a long time. Mr. Horowitz comes with the best of reputations ... right now.

Russia, Russia, Russia. Barr, Barr, Barr. Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. Durham, Durham, Durham. Horowitz, Horowitz, Horowitz.

Who’s next? Don’t turn your head!


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