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PCDA Repairs Storm Damage And Adds New Line Taps


The Pottawatomie County Development Authority (PCDA) approved the operation and maintenance agreement between Shawnee Municipal Authority (SMA) and Tecumseh Utility Authority (TUA) during its monthly meeting Thursday, June 13. Before the vote, board chairman Marty Lewis said there was “lots of input from lots of folks.”

“If you ever try to get a perfect agreement between more than one person, you’re in trouble,” said Lewis.

“This is not perfect but we’re moving forward.” Lewis said SMA had approved the agreement but TUA would not have the opportunity to vote on the agreement until they meet again July 1.

Lewis also made the board aware of two changes that were made with the approval by SMA. One was a typo that has now been corrected. The other was the inclusion of wording to assure “PCDA will always have available to them up to 100,000 gallons of treated water per day. That’s a pretty nice assurance and you’ll have to go back in time to find out we didn’t always have that assurance.”

Wes Watkins Project Manager Steve Shultz presented the board with a PCDA Property Access Permit proposal for discussion. The regulations outlined how only property owners adjacent to PCDA fences would be allowed to install gates and gain direct access to the lake. The board held a brief discussion and agreed to look over the proposed information and discuss again at a later date.

Shultz also gave an update on the repair of the dam by Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). “I met with Shawn Fleming this past week and their concern is getting the heavy trucks to the area on the dam where the damage is done.”

Shultz said there is a low water crossing that will need two to three 12 inch or 18-inch tin horns with dirt and gravel fill at least two-feet thick from the top of the tin horns to be installed for the trucks to drive over to reach the dam. Once the project is complete this can be removed. NRCS is covering the cost of the actual dam repair but would like PCDA to talk to the county about installing the low water crossing.

After a lengthy discussion, the board asked McLoud City Manager Buck Day to visit with Pottawatomie County Commissioner Melissa Dennis regarding this project.

PCDA Director Robbie Fitzgerald said Pump 1 was struck by lightning during recent storms. This caused an electric panel failure. However, repairs have been made and Busby Pump has inspected the drives, motors and wiring. The pump is fully functional.

Fitzgerald also said three new service taps had been installed on Gober Lane and one installed on Hardesty Road.

Due to all the drainage from the many storms PCDA had to replace 180 feet of main water lines at the creek crossing located at the corner of New Hope and Sharon Road. The line was lowered by directional bore to 12 feet below the creek bed.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for July 11.


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