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Who isn’t stressed? If you raised your hand, I think you were lying, because all of us face stress daily.

I like the advice of Charlotte Lankard, a licenced therapist, who writes a column for The Oklahoman. She says there is good and bad stress. Bad stress may be death of a loved one, a health issue, a quarrel with someone, natural disasters like tornados, or a financial loss for example.

Good stress may be a new grandchild, another birthday, a holiday celebration, or winning something. Our body’s reaction is the same: increased heart rate, muscle tension, and a surge of adrenaline. This should be temporary, and to help stress use calming techniques.

Here are some suggestions: 1. Build a positive attitude. 2. Laugh often. 3. Do activities that relax you like listening to music or reading a book. 4. Focus on the things you can control. 5. Learn to say “no.”

We want to thank Winky Ware for another hour of music entertainment of some of our favorite songs and hymns. Continue to remember Frank Young, Edna Sangster, and Syble Martin in your prayers. Charlotte Harrison had a wonderful trip to Florida with her family in a vacation condo. Nell Young visited her daughter, Penny, in Arizona in her new home.

Do you read the comic strips? My mom would cut out the ones that made her laugh. I read them too! They often make me laugh or they often seem true to life. In the Baby Blues comic strip recently, the daughter slammed the door because she did not get her way! Her parents commented, “She is in the slamming door stage.” Did you ever try to relieve stress that way?

The next day the parents solved the issue. The dad took down his daughter’s door to her bedroom so that she could not slam it again. She started promising to never do it again. Her dad’s reply was that the promise was too late. She tried again, “I’ve seen the light!” Her little brother quipped, “Probably, the one in the hallway since you don’t have a door anymore.”

I had a good laugh, but I also thought it was good advice from a comic strip for parents to deal with the discipline problem rather than threaten to do so. Have a safe and happy July 4th!


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