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The Countywide & Sun:

I am writing in response to a letter written by Commissioner Ed Bolt addressing a citizen’s concern about the city cancelling a $12,000 contract for a mass alerting system to save the city money. This system was implemented several years ago to notify citizens of tornado warnings and other potential disasters.

I disagree with his statement that the commission and staff have done a great job saving the taxpayer’s money. If that were the case, the commission would not have earmarked $600,000 this year for their “marquee” project, a nice-to-have but unnecessary bike lane and roundabout project along Broadway. Is this project really more important than saving lives through an early-warning system? And how many other, more important services and projects are there that might have been funded with that $600,000? The commission needs to reassess its priorities.

Also, if our mayor and commissioners were serious about being accountable to the citizens, they would call for a state audit to find out and inform them of what happened to $7,000,000 that disappeared out of the Street Improvement Fund.

Because of this and possible deficits in other funds, city employees have been forced to retire, programs and services slashed, long-standing community service contracts canceled, and street projects either canceled or delayed. Some street projects fully funded at one time will still be completed but will be done so using new tax money and debt service.

Without an audit, the citizens will never know the full story about what happened to that money, yet for some reason, the Commission is unwilling to take that step. The voters need to remember this during next year’s elections.

Linda Agee



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