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Self-Made Man


Ross Perot will likely go down as a footnote in American history but he deserves a great deal more recognition than that. To borrow one of his own phrases, this man was never anything like a "giant sucking sound." He was a master of our time.

Mr. Perot was a self-made billionaire who grew up in Texarkana, a city in both Arkansas and Texas. He sought the presidency twice and left his deepest mark in 1992 when he conceivably denied George H.W. Bush a second term and handed Bill Clinton the White House. Nineteen percent of the national vote went to Mr. Perot that year. When he tried again four years later, that percentage shank to about 8 percent.

If ever there was a self-made man, it was Ross Perot. We looked hard for a typical quote from his life and ended up with this: "If you see a snake, just kill it - don't appoint a committee on snakes."

Rest in peace, Mr. Perot. You definitely left your mark.


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