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Rising Star Gymnasts Compete At WSU


January 30, 2020

Continuing their competitive season, the gymnasts at Rising Star Gymnastics in Shawnee competed in the New Year’s Invite at Wichita State University recently.

Students Levels 2,3,4, and Diamond shared the spotlight with six other Kansas teams. Level 2 students Taylor Reyes came back with a 37.7 all around and 4th all around.

Kassidi Lowden finished with a 37.650 in her age group and finished first all around, Aria Griggs finished second all around with a 37.35, Stevie Bree Owens finished fifth all around with a 36.1, Khylee Marshall finished sixth all around with a 36.1, Rilynne Roberts finished seventh with a 35.45 all around, Delaynie Atkinson finished seventh with a 35.4 all around, Emma DeWolfe finished eighth with a 35.1 all around.

The team ended up in third place as a group.

Level 3 gymnasts competed as well with the other teams. Jayden Tabor finished first all around, Ocean Minor finished third all around, KaShyrah Chavez finished first all around, Karlee Linn finished thirdall around, and Chloe Westerman finished fourth all around.

With individual scores, this group finished first for team.

Level 4 and Diamond Gymnasts were later in the day.

Victoria Payne finished first all around at Level 4, Trinity Rakestraw, Level 4 finished second all around, Zoe Randal finished fourth all around, Calista Schardt finished fiftj all around, Allison Radcliff finished fifth all around, Maddi Taron finished sixth all around, and Addison Adams finished ninth all around.

Hope York competed Diamond and finished first all around.

The Level 4 students placed first for team.


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