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There's A New Partner In County Cleanup Efforts


February 6, 2020

Photo provided

Trash is pulled from the Leo dump site and deposited into the dumpster.

There is a new community partner in the efforts to keep our county clean. Environmental Crimes Officer Shaun Copelin said Brooksville Landfill agreed to let allow up to five tons of debris in to be dumped there per month.

A newly identified site located on Coker Road was discussed further by the Environmental Officer and the board. Copelin said he had received a complaint from a concerned citizen who lives near the site. The citizen is concerned due to more and more traffic traveling down the dead-end road and dumping trash in that location. Therefore, Copelin has been keeping an eye on the site for the past couple of months.

"That site is beginning to grow," said Copelin. "We may need to get out there and get that cleaned up and put a fence up. Right now, it is a small to medium-sized dumpsite. I think if we can get a fence up, it may save us problems later on. It's a growing problem."

"It's like a whack-a-mole," said Copelin. "We stop it one place, and they drive down half a mile or find someplace else.

Copelin said in Jan. three citations and seven warnings were written; six new dumps were identified; 33 tires picked up; 1,561 pounds of trash was picked up.

February is started off in the trenches, or rather the ditches. Copelin said clean-up would begin Tuesday, Feb. 4, at the Leo site. "We received the money from Department of Environmeental Quality [DEQ] and are all set," said Copelin. "The contractor for the fence is ready to go as soon as we're ready. Based on his schedule, as soon as we're ready, he can get the fence up within a couple of days."

Photo provided

Cleanup is complete and ready for fencing.

On Tuesday Copelin shared photos on the Keep Pottawatomie County Clean Facebook page. He said the cleanup was complete sending a special thank you to DEQ, Dist. 3 [Commissioner Eddie Stackhouse] and SDS Dumpster Service.

Copelin said 199,100 pounds of trash was removed from this legacy dump. That is 99.55 tons.

The board approved Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority certificates of compliance for Natures Gift Cannabis Cultivation, LLC, and Elysian Vision, Inc. During the meeting held Monday, Jan. 27, OMMA certificates were approved for Jumper Creek Organics and Cannaba-Tech.

The next regular meeting will be Mon. Feb. 10 at 10 am at 14101 Acme Road.


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