Tons Of Trash Delivered To County


March 26, 2020

County workers pack trash into dumpsters.

County residents' carted, toted, schlepped, and hauled off tons of trash over the weekend.

"By 9 o'clock (Saturday morning), all four of my dumpsters were full," said Dist. 1 Commissioner Melissa Dennis during the Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners meeting Monday, March 23. "We had 15 dumpsters filled by Sunday evening."

Dist. 2 received enough trash to fill three dumpsters. Dist. 3 ended the weekend with four full with enough refuge to fill most of a fifth dumpster.

The board approved the purchase of eleven new vehicles for the Sheriff's Office - maybe.

The approval is contingent upon a letter from the state auditor. This was the third attempt to allow the Sheriff's Office to purchase the vehicles from local vendor, Joe Cooper Dodge in Shawnee. The total cost ($406,182) for the vehicles and equipment add-ons from the local dealership was lower than the state contract.

Commissioners have asked the state auditor to look over the paperwork, make sure everything is in order and give its approval before ordering the vehicles.

Upon approval by the state auditor, the county will pay for the vehicles and the equipment add-ons upfront.

The Sheriff's Office will then make annual payments to the county of $50,772.75 over the next four years to pay back half the total cost or $203,091.

New Environmental Crimes Officers Dustin Richardson and Ronnie Coching were introduced to the board.

"They have a lot to learn," said project leader Deputy Jimmy Brewer. "But they are very excited to be a part of the team and to get going on this. They're going to do a great job."

"We looked at several people before we decided on these two guys," said Sheriff Michael Booth. "I think we've made a good selection. They've already come up with some great ideas."

In other business, the board:

• Approved a leasepurchase agreement for a 2018 Vibratory Roller for Dist. 2. Monthly payments of $1,990.23 will be made for 60 months, totaling $119,413.

• Approved OMMA compliance certificates for The Hog Creek Cannabis Company and Pristine and Green, LLC.

• Took no action on quotes for the purchase of new football uniforms for Bethel Schools. Dennis asked for this to be placed on the next agenda. "I'm not sure when our next meeting will be, but put it on there," said Dennis.

Newly hired Environmental Crimes Officers Ronnie Coching (left) and Dustin Richardson (right).


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