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The Countywide & Sun:

Bullseye! That is my assessment of Ms. Agee’s informative, timely, and valuable letter that appeared in the March 26 issue of the Countywide News.

With sports sidelined for a bit, I’ll use some sports terms to describe her article: In baseball it’s an upper deck walk-off home run; in football it’s a winning 65 yard field goal with no time remaining; and in basketball it’s a winning half court three-pointer. What follows is my rational for such an industrial-strength evaluation:

• A true experience from my teen age fishing years is a foundational illustration. My closest high school friend and I were fishing in a small clear creek in Southern Indiana. We had a few clouds, but no rain. And then, without even a clap of thunder or a single rain drop, the creek became muddy. We decided to walk upstream as far as necessary to locate some clearer water. The search for clear water continued until we came to our car. Hopping in the car, we drove to a bridge farther upstream and still no clear water. Onward we went, by car and walking we covered several miles in search of clear water. We started to see the evidence of rain on the banks as well as the muddy water. Finally, we came to the very source of the creek. The water was clear and we guessed few people had taken the trouble to explore this far upstream.

• During the now shelved Blue Zones Broadway Project, it is fair to say the controversy was at best “muddy” and at times acrimonious. I left to Broadway residents the challenge of explaining the impacts upon their lives. I waded further “upstream” and focused on the process played by Blue Zones. Even with the sidelining of the project, the role of Blue Zones in the genesis of the project is not totally clear — at least to me. In my opinion, Ms. Agee’s letter identified the little publicized and little understood clear source of the Blue Zones M.O. — Agenda 21.

• Agenda 21 is the Rosetta stone in understanding the direction and purpose of social engineering in America and other nations around the world. Most readers of this letter will stop reading my letter at this point, a few will do some research and dismiss it as a conspiracy theory and a smaller group will do research and say “so that’s where all of this social engineering originates.”

Glenn C. Peck



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