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Shawnee Residents Ordered To Shelter In Place


Shawnee Mayor Richard Finley, on Monday, amended his emergency proclamation to tighten up restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proclamation states that city parks shall remain open and the public shall be allowed to utilize park facilities for exercise, with all park patrons abiding by the CDC guidelines on social distancing, but no use of equipment.

The proclamation also orders residents “to shelter in place at their place of residence” except for “essential activities,” such as:

I. Tasks essential to the health and safety of family members, household members, or pets.

II.Obtaining necessary services or supplies for family, household members, or pets, or to deliver those services to others in need, for operation of a residence.

III. Engaging in outdoor activity, following social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC.

IV. Performing work at an Essential Business.

V. Caring for or transporting a family member or pet in another household.

VI. Moving to another residence either inside or outside the City of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

The new proclamation extends the order from April 6 to April 30.


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