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April 23, 2020

Recently God answered a prayer and gave me a miracle.

Many of you know I was preparing to wade off into the deep end of something mysteriously called politics. I felt it was time to return the Oklahoma Senate District 28 seat to the Tecumseh area. My prayer was unless God intervened I was going to go for it.

During March I was not feeling well. Toward the end of the month I called my heart doctor to schedule an appointment. Based upon what was happening, an appointment was made for April 2 at 1:10 pm.

April 2 is my birthday. I have now celebrated my 39th birthday 32 times. Karen, my hunka hunka burning love, was preparing my favorite dinner of fried catfish and skillet fried okra. Soon it was time to head to OKC for my appointment.

Dr. Alnabhan ran several tests and requested me to return early the next morning (4/3) for an angioplasty. Things did not appear good and perhaps I should prepare to stay the weekend.

Turns out things were serious and I was scheduled for open heart surgery at 8 am on 4/6/20. Since a problem could happen at any time, I should stay the weekend. Strangely God answered my prayer and I no longer needed to shine up the armor nor chase the windmills. No more election fees. No more contracts for signs, newspaper and advertising. No more glad handing.

Karen was allowed to visit from 6:30 to 7 am. After she left the journey was started to the operating room. I did not get there. During transport my heart simply stopped! This was the first of several complications.

After several hours of surgery I was returned to recovery. My chest had been opened. My heart restarted and a whole lot of serious work done.

For several days I was simply unaware. At approximately 6:20 am on Resurrection Sunday I began my personal return to the living. God gave me a miracle!

I got to go home around 4 pm on 4/17/20. I praise the God given skills of Drs. Alnabhan and Miller. There is so much more to share but I find myself exhausted. Oklahoma Heart Hospital is great!



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