One Step Closer To New County Building


April 23, 2020

The county takes the next step toward a new administration building. After a thorough discussion, the Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners approved a contract with Rand Elliot Architect to provide architectural services for a new administration building.

Tommy Arnold said the contract was written so it could be terminated at any time, with a seven-day notice, without penalty or termination fee. “The only thing the board would owe is the cost expended by Rand Elliot up to that point.”

“The intention would be to sign the contract and complete the whole process,” said Arnold. “But once you sign the contract, there is an out.”

Arnold proposed the board, take the contract through construction documents. He said by that time, the commissioners would know what the budget was for 2021. He said the board would also have everything needed to proceed to construction at a later date if required.

If the contract were terminated at the end of the design development, the board would be out $144,000. If the contract were terminated after the construction documents were complete, the cost would be $285,000.

Arnold said, “If we wanted to stop the project, design development or construction documents, either one of those milestones would be the place to stop it.”

Completing everything up through the construction documents would mean the board had everything needed to begin the bidding process. The schedule indicates everything required to start the bidding process would be complete by February 2021.

The board also approved OMMA Certificates of Compliance for Red Dirt Farms, LLC, CPS Dispensary, and Weed Co., LLC.

The board approved a declaration of surplus and disposal resolution for a John Deere 6145 M Boom Mower belonging to Dist. 1.

Commissioner Melissa Dennis said it would be used as a trade-in at P&K equipment on a 6120 with a tiger boom.


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