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April 25 COVID-19 Update: State's Recovered Cases See Bigger Increase Than Confirmed Cases

No New Cases Reported In County


April 23, 2020

New recovered cases of COVID-19 surpassed new confirmed cases in Oklahoma today. There are 72 new confirmed cases and 119 new recovered cases, the OSDH reports.

This brings the total confirmed cases to 3,193 and the total recovered to 2,080.

This is the third time since the start of the pandemic for recovered cases to increase by more than confirmed cases.

April 8, 52 new confirmed cases and 74 new recovered cases were reported, and April 19, 29 new confirmed cases and 41 new recovered cases were reported.

There are six new deaths in the state, bringing the total to 194.

After subtracting the total deaths and total recoveries from total confirmed cases, there are 919 active cases of COVID-19 still in Oklahoma.

County data has stayed the same with no new confirmed cases or deaths:

• 26 cases in Shawnee, with 17 recovered and four deaths;

• 4 recovered cases in McLoud;

• 3 recovered in Asher/74826 area;

• 3 cases in Tecumseh, with 2 recovered;

• 2 cases in Earlsboro, with 1 recovered;

• and 1 active positive case in Maud.

The U.S. confirmed cases are at 905,333 after a 36,163 increase, with 51,949 deaths (1,995 increase) and 99,079 recovered cases (18,876 increase).


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