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Letter To The Editor



The Countywide & Sun:

NO! is not strong enough a word for me to express my disgust for your request to get the legislature to put that bill through. “HELL NO!” is a bit closer, yet it is still not strong enough.

The governmental entities just keep coming back for more and more, and they must be stopped before they take it all and become the owners of all the properties in this country.

Up until some years ago, the schools had annual millage elections. The rallying cry was that without the millages passing, the schools would close, so the millage must be passed, so why not save the money and make them permanent and save the money spent on the elections. The vote passed making the millages permanent, so what happened next? The elections stopped, and we saved that money?

NO! That is not what happened, they still wanted more money, so the elections transformed into bond elections, so the school districts could build massive campuses that nudge out the Taj Mahal for being elaborate. And almost yearly, before one bond expires, they have another plan to come on in and keep the money flowing no matter the need. The rallying cry seems to always be that the taxes won’t be raised if it passes, so the people keep being hoodwinked into passing the mills; thankfully, last year and this, the voters in McLoud said “No More!” and the election failed. How in the world can a school district raise $5 million without more tax money coming in?

Be honest with the people and say the taxes will go down if this election fails. Don’t try to confuse the voters into believing that the $5 million mentioned above will be free; some of us are a bit smarter than to believe such malarkey, but at the same time, some are easily hoodwinked.

Now the issue you are promoting — it sucks! It will become another “must have” that if it gets a foothold, it will never end. Yes! Things are higher priced now, but so are the taxes; I think the taxes have kept up with inflation simply by the cost of the items taxed keeping up with the inflation, and there is no need to saddle cash-strapped property owners with another boondoggle for the cities to flaunt.

You give them this opening that you think is equivalent to the eye of a needle in size, and before you know it, they will have ripped and torn it until you could fly a 737 aircraft through it, and they will just keep tearing away at it.

Pete Pendley



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