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Tecumseh Golden Age Center


As the country moves toward opening up, so does the Golden Age Center, possibly in June. I want to remind everyone not to attend any public gathering if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms right now. The virus could break out again if we relax our efforts to wash our hands, wear our masks, and stay a safe distance away.

Personally, I am encouraged that summer weather should help to control the spread while efforts to stop its spread are sought. Let's stay safe as we help our country open up to business as usual.

One of the first items of "business" is the primary election when each party chooses one candidate for the general election in November. This year's election includes the election of the president for the next four years. I have heard many say that they are not going to vote.

Originally, only white men who owned property or had money could vote. Many men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many women like Susan B. Anthony gave their lives to the fight for your right to vote. Even though white men were given the right to vote regardless of their economic status in the 1830s and black men were given that right in 1870 by the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, there were many obstacles put in the path of their rights. Things like literacy tests and poll taxes were used to suppress the right to vote for all.

Women's suffrage movement resulted in the right to vote for women with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920. It was not until 1965 that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson that began to really open to way for all men and women regardless of race, religion, etc. to be able to vote without opposition.

Please don't tell me you are not going to vote as a part of your right as an American citizen! We live in a democracy with freedoms; not under communism, socialism, or a dictatorship. Our government cannot be overturned because it is a government for the people and by the people, and WE are the people. So choose your candidates carefully and VOTE!


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