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July 17: Fifth Death in Pottawatomie County Reported


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Friday, July 17, 2020 – Another COVID-19 related death has been reported in Pottawatomie County today by The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), along with six other Oklahomans, as new cases confirmed so far this month near 10,000 statewide – half in the past week.

A male, age 65 or older from Shawnee's 74804 zip code, is the fifth reported COVID-19 fatality in Pottawatomie County. It has been 90 days since the last local COVID-19 fatality was reported on April 18.

Neighboring Seminole County, with 81 cumulative cases, also had their fourth COVID-19 related death reported today by OSDH today. Lincoln County, with 54 cumulative cases, has continued holding with no new fatalities since the first week in May when the county had two reported within a few days.

This month Pottawatomie County has seen an increase of 87 new cases reported by OSDH, as of today – 17 days into July. There were 29 new cases confirmed this week (July 11-17) and 42 the week prior (July4-10), for a cumulative total of 191 cases.

In comparison, the month of June saw 47 new cases confirmed countywide and there were 40 positives confirmed in April. The first positive case of the virus in Pottawatomie County was reported on March 25.

Recovered cases – defined by OSDH as "currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report" – currently total 133 in the county, indicating 53 known cases of the virus are currently considered active. Shawnee data reflects 37 known active cases, with 23 of those in the 74801 zip code and 13 in 74804.

Tecumseh has added eight new COVID-19 cases this month, for a cumulative total of 18. OSDH lists 11 recovered, leaving 7 active cases confirmed.

The Dale/McLoud area (zip code 74851) has had 11 new cases reported this month with a cumulative total of 24 cases, four of which are considered active by OSDH.

Macomb picked up the town's first, second and third confirmed COVID-19 cases this month. The first was reported by OSDH on July 6 and on July 15 was listed as recovered. The following day, on Thursday, OSDH listed two confirmed cases in Macomb, but simultaneously listed them both as recovered. The third was added today, Friday, leaving one known case considered active.

Earlsboro has gone from just two confirmed cases on July 1 to six, with the most recent added today. Three are considered recovered and three still active.

Maud added a second case on July 2, which OSDH listed both as recovered on July 15.

Konawa, which covers the far southeast corner of the county and extends with the majority of it's footprint across Seminole County, has added three new cases this month for a cumulative total of seven. The community has had one fatality, listed among Seminole County deaths. OSDH reports five cases as recovered, leaving one known active case.

The rural community of Meeker has added three new cases this month, with four listed as recovered, leaving three known cases considered active. A leg of Meeker dips into Pottawatomie County, with the majority of the town located in Lincoln County.

Prague, with a only tiny toe of the town dipping into the panhandle of Pottawatomie County, now has 11 cumulative cases confirmed. The 74864 zip code has picked up five new COVID-19 cases this month. OSDH lists nine as recovered, leaving two known cases considered active.

There has been no change in case data so far this month for Asher or Wanette, which each have 3 cases considered to be recovered. No cases have been reported by OSDH in St. Louis.


ICU Beds

Among the remaining seven deaths reported by the state health department today, two were aged 36-49, a male in Hughes County and a female in Texas County; two age 65 or older from Tulsa County, one male and one female; and a male age 65 or older from Rogers County.

Available ICU beds around the state remain low with today's Executive Report listing 167 ICU beds available out of 983, with 86 percent reporting compliance. There are 441Confirmed COVID-19 patients listed as hospitalized, with 216 in ICU. Another 106 hospital patients are under investigation for the virus, 16 of which are in ICU.

The current total of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, suspected and confirmed, is 604.

Overall Hospital Occupancy

Total hospital occupancy also hit above 6,000 for the fourth day in a row. Of the past seven reporting days, Monday was the only day with less than 6,000 total occupancy reported with 5,932.

In comparison, only three days in June saw more than 6,000 total patients reported in state hospitals.

Self-Quarantined (within 24-hour Reporting Period)

The past 14, consecutive EO reports (from June 25 to July 17) each show more than 1,000 Oklahomans self-quarantined after being seen in a hospital during each 24 hour reporting period, according OSDH data - a total of nearly 21,199 Oklahomans.

Prior to June 25, the only other time that number went above 1,000 was on May 5.

In comparison, in the month of June there was a total of 15,181 Oklahomans reported as self-quarantined after being seen in a hospital. May saw a total of 12,633 reported and in April there was a total of 11,593 Oklahoma residents self-quarantined after being seen.


Total COVID-19 related deaths now total 445 statewide with six deaths reported today - two of which were reported in the past 24 hours. Only two other times since May 7 has OSDH reported seven or more virus-related deaths: May 7 and June 27 a

So far, 58 fatalities have been reported this month. During the entire month of June, OSDH reported a total of 53 COVID-19 related deaths. May had 112 deaths reported and April saw 215.


Confirmed Cases

Today's number of new COVID-19 cases across the state, 699, is a bit of an increase over yesterday's number of 628 new cases reported by OSDH.

So far this month, new positive cases in Oklahoma have increase by 9,908, with a cumulative total of 24,140, according to OSDH. Repeat tests for the same individual or positive antibody tests are not included in the agency's daily reports. Those totals are reported separately in the weekly Epidemiology report.

There were 671 recovered cases reported today, with 7,483 total for July and 18,766 cumulatively.

OSDH reports a total of 4,929 known, active COVID-19 cases as of today. On July 1, the number of active cases was 3,285. On June 1, there were 728.


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