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Sixth COVID-19 Death Reported In County


July 21, 2020 – Another fatality in Pottawatomie County has been reported due to COVID-19, bringing the local total to six deaths and 211 total positive cases now confirmed, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). Patients considered recovered by the agency total 142, leaving 56 known active cases of the virus countywide.

A Shawnee female, aged 65 or older from the 74801 area code, was among nine new deaths announced in Oklahoma Tuesday, bringing the total number of state fatalities to 461. She was the second COVID-19 related death since Friday to be reported in the county.

This month Pottawatomie County has seen the number of total cases double with 111 new, confirmed positives added since July 1. The county total on July 1 was 105.

The total as of Tuesday was 216 - an increase of 44 new cases reported by OSDH in the past seven days. The agency reported 20 new cases confirmed in Pottawatomie County on Monday, the most reported in a single day so far.

Shawnee data now reflects a cumulative total of 148 cases, with 105 patients considered recovered by OSDH, leaving a total of 35 known active cases reported in Shawnee. 

In the 74801 zip code, 88 total cases have now been confirmed, with 62 considered recovered, leaving 25 active cases in the area. In the 74804 area, a total of 58 positive cases have been confirmed by state officials, with 42 patients listed as recovered, leaving 12 known active cases reported as of Tuesday.

Tecumseh has added 11 new COVID-19 cases this month, for a cumulative total of 21. OSDH lists 15 recovered, leaving six known active cases.

The Dale/McLoud area (zip code 74851) picked up 14 newly reported cases this month with a cumulative total of 27 cases as of Tuesday, five of which are considered active by OSDH.

Earlsboro has added five new cases this month, for a total of seven confirmed positive cases. Five are considered recovered and two active.

Macomb picked up the town's first, second, and third confirmed COVID-19 cases this month. Two are listed as recovered, leaving one known active case.

The Maud community saw its third case added over the weekend and is listed as the only known active case. The town's second case was added on July 2, and both were listed as recovered on July 15. 

Konawa, which covers the far southeast corner of the county and extends with the majority of its footprint across Seminole County, has added three new cases this month for a cumulative total of seven. The community has had one fatality, listed among Seminole County deaths. OSDH reports five cases as recovered, leaving one known active case.

Meeker's cases have also doubled this month, with four added since July 1 for a total of 8 cases confirmed. Five are currently listed as recovered, leaving three known cases considered active. A leg of Meeker dips into Pottawatomie County, with the majority of the town located in Lincoln County.

Prague, with a tiny toe of the town's 74864 zip code dipping into the panhandle of Pottawatomie County, also has doubled in numbers and now has 14 cumulative cases confirmed after picking up several this month. OSDH lists nine as recovered, leaving five known cases considered active.

There has been no change in case data so far this month for Asher or Wanette, which each have three cases considered recovered. No cases have been reported by OSDH in St. Louis to date.

Neighboring Lincoln County now has 60 total reported cases, with two fatalities, and 42 considered recovered, leaving 14 known active cases. And neighboring Seminole County now has 89 total cases reported, with four fatalities. Fifty-four patients are considered by the state as recovered, leaving 31 known active cases. 

The state health department defines recovered as "currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report." 


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