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COVID-19 Claims Two More County Lives Over Weekend


August 6, 2020

Jennifer Pitts

Data from Oklahoma State Department of Health

Aug. 4, 2020 – Two more COVID-19 deaths were reported in Pottawatomie County this week, bringing the total fatalities to eight, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). The county also added 96 more residents to the list of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus for a new cumulative total of 414 residents.

On Saturday, Aug. 1, OSDH did not release a situational update. However, the basic information available showed eight new deaths. Detailed county data increased by one fatality in Pottawatomie County and zip code break downs also reflected another death in the 74804 zip code. No other information was available.

Monday's fatality was also a Shawnee resident, also from the 74804 area. The state health agency's Situational Update on Monday stated the county's eighth COVID-19 victim was a male in the 65 or older age group.

The deaths of another 15 COVID-19 positive Oklahomans were reported on Tuesday, bringing the state total to 566 since the first death was reported on March 16. Among the latest 15 deaths, were two Oklahomans in the 18-35 age range – a female from Canadian County and a male from Jackson County. Four of the fatalities were in the 50-64 age group, two males and two females. The others were age 65 or older, according to OSDH.

During the month of July, 154 Oklahomans reported having died due to COVID-19, tripling the number of deaths reported in June of 53.

New cases also soared with 22,218 new residents testing positive for the virus out of 295,692 tests reported. In June, there were 6,162 new cases reported out of 153,854 tests according to state data.

Hospitalizations also increased significantly during July with 1,641 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized – more than triple the 542 new hospitalizations reported by OSDH during June.



Of the 414 cumulative positives in Pottawatomie County, the state agency listed 289 as recovered. With the eight fatalities listed that leaves 117 known residents considered to be active carriers of the virus.

Recovered cases are defined by OSDH as "currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report."

Shawnee data shows 278 total residents have tested positive for the virus with 159 residing in the 74801 zip code and 159 in the 74804. On Tuesday, OSDH listed 197 Shawnee residents as recovered.

Thirteen new residents in Tecumseh have been added to the list of positives in the past seven days, for a new cumulative total of 41. OSDH listed 25 as recovered on Tuesday, leaving 16 considered active.

After holding at just three positives since April, Asher added five new residents in the past week for a cumulative total of eight local cases, with four listed as recovered.

The Dale/McLoud area (zip code 74851) picked up 16 new cases reported in the past week, for a cumulative total of 52. Twelve are considered active.

Earlsboro and Macomb each picked up two new cases this week for a cumulative total of 13 cases and 5 cases, respectively. Eight in Earlsboro and four in Macomb are considered as recovered by OSDH, leaving four known Earlsboro residents and one Macomb resident considered to be active carriers of the virus.

Maud's* case numbers appeared to soar in the last week of July. The town only had one reported cases on July 1, but finished the month with a cumulative total of 17 confirmed cases.

No new cases have been added so far this month. Of the 17, nine were listed on Tuesday as recovered, leaving eight locals considered to be active carriers of the virus, according to OSDH records.

Wanette* tripled the town's number of confirmed virus cases in the past week after holding at a total of three cases since June 4. In the past seven days, six new cases were reported by OSDH for a new cumulative total of nine cases. The five new cases are the only ones considered active by OSDH.

In the far southeast corner of the county, Konawa*added one case this week, after tripling in total cases during July, for a new cumulative total of 13 cases, including one fatality listed in Seminole County. Two are considered active.

Jennifer Pitts

To the north, Meeker* picked up seven cases in the past seven days for a new cumulative total of 20. Twelve are listed by OSDH as recovered, leaving eight considered active as of Tuesday.

Prague*, which barely dips into Pottawatomie County's panhandle, quadrupled its number of cases during July, finishing out the month with 28 cumulative cases confirmed. Of the new cases, 16 were added in just the past week for a total of 35 by Tuesday. OSDH currently lists 19 as recovered, leaving 16 known cases considered active.

St. Louis remains the only Pottawatomie County town with no cases reported.

*Indicates multi-county towns


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