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Shawnee Sales Tax Revenue Up 24.5 Percent Over Projection


September 24, 2020

The Shawnee City Commissioners met on Monday to approve a lengthy consent agenda, and consider several property and financial issues.

In addition to this rather routine business, the commission considered an extension to the ordinance which requires face masks be worn in public places. For more information on that discussion, see the Shawnee mask story.

On this week's consent agenda were a couple of resignations, $134,935.67 in expenditures for the new police department, approval of 11 mayoral appointments, and re-acknowledgement of several planning commission meeting minutes. For more information on the planning commission minutes, see the Planning Commission story.

Before the consent agenda was voted on, Commissioner Daniel Matthews removed the planning commission minutes, and Commissioner Travis Flood removed the mayoral appointments.

Matthews said he pulled the planning commission minutes so he could abstain from that vote, as he had sat on the planning commission during the time of the minutes being approved. Flood said he pulled the mayoral appointments because his wife, Abby Flood, was among the candidates.

With those items pulled, the rest of the consent agenda passed unanimously. When the votes for the removed items came back around, the planning commission minutes passed in a 6-0 vote, with Matthews abstaining. The mayoral appointments passed in another 6-0 vote, this time with Flood abstaining.

Within the approved consent agenda were two expenditures for the new police department, totaling $134,945.67. Of that amount, $45,639 was allocated to purchase a camera and access control system, and $89,296.67 was allocated to furnish the new Communication Center.

The commissioners also voted to accept the resignations of Mike Adcock and Michelle Briggs from the Shawnee Hospital Authority as part of that consent agenda.

Following approval of the consent agenda, the board voted to appoint Vice Mayor Darren Rutherford to be the commission's representation on the Community Service Contract Review Committee. Rutherford abstained from the vote, and was appointed to the vacancy by a 6-0 decision.

In a unanimous decision with no abstentions, the commission then approved a new bond resolution. City Treasurer Ashley Neel presented the commission with the details of the resolution.

"This is really an opportunity to monetize the sales tax that was passed in June of 2018," Neel said. "We're going to get a fantastic interest rate at 1.35 percent."

The money from the bond issuance will go towards 45th street, the parks master plan, and fire station remodeling, Neel said.

Mayor Ed Bolt said the bond offered an opportunity to get started on the projects that the sales tax had been intended to pay for, and could potentially offer savings in the long term.

"When you weigh delaying those projects," Bolt said, "and inflation, what it's going to do to the cost of the construction, we are coming out way ahead doing this, in my mind."

The bond, in the amount of $16,875,000, was approved by the commissioners unanimously, and then approved unanimously again once the meeting to the Shawnee Municipal Authority began.

Before the commission meeting adjourned, Neel once again returned to the podium to make a presentation. This time, she was presenting the sales tax numbers from fiscal year 2021, which began in July 2020.

According to Neel's presentation, the city's sales tax revenue is 24.51 percent above projected levels for the year. The budget projected sales tax revenues shows $4,892,865 at this point in the year. The numbers presented by Neel at Monday's meeting, however, lists year-to-date sales tax receipts at $6,092,198.

Commissioner Ben Salter pointed out that while the city is bringing in more money than was projected by the budget, that budget included cuts of 12.5 percent from the prior year.

The city's finance department reports in their agenda attachment that sales and use tax collection combined brought in $2,132,785.74 in September alone.


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