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All Are Precious


October 1, 2020

Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in His sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world

Surely a number of our readers will recognize those unforgettable, unquestionably meaningful lyrics and also may be able to at least hum the music. The words were written by C. Herbert Woolston, a Baptist minister who was born in 1856 and died in 1927. The music was the work of George F. Root (1820-1895). In researching events from more than a century in the past, we learned that Mr. Root originally used that tune for the Civil War song Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.

In 1970, years after both had left this world, country singer Ray Stevens (birth name Harold Ray Ragsdale) authored, composed and recorded the No. 1 mainstream national hit Everything Is Beautiful. As part of that marvelous performance, he incorporated the chorus of Jesus Loves The Little Children as offered by students from Oak Hill Elementary School in Nashville. Among those students were his two daughters.

While we are not aware of known research to support this, we nevertheless believe many Americans who were school-age or older 50 years ago are likely to have those events clearly engrained in memories today, two thousand and twenty years after the birth of Jesus Christ. Beyond that, we feel others were exposed to its meaning at Sunday School or in other religious or perhaps even some secular activities. In one way or another, many of today's voters have heard of and can readily recall what we feel is the clear meaning of "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight." Those words, we believe, say that no matter how many different peoples may exist within the human race, all are equal and each one deserves to be treated just like all the others. The answer is at the same time just that complicated and just that simple. Please accept that from an editor who was born more than eight decades ago in Alabama and grew up all the way through college in Alabama and Mississippi. This is a case of having to be there to really understand. Having known friends and acquaintances on both sides of racial divide, this longtime editor has some idea.

For instance, let's look at the slogan "Black Lives Matter." That is an unquestionably true statement which on its face cannot and should not be easily dismissed or disputed. Highly paid National Basketball Association players, including some from the Oklahoma City Thunder, have worn that on their jerseys during workouts and perhaps games. There is no obvious problem with the statement ... unless somebody begins interfering with the basic message. What if somebody changed it to "White Lives Matter" or "Yellow Lives Matter"? Would that provoke a 50-state uprising? Again, the answer is that all lives matter ... "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight."

Furthermore, we also might go so far as to suggest that in the current American political atmosphere, it may be possible ... perhaps even probable ... that one of the two sides wrestling to control the greatest republic in the modern world may be unknowingly treading down the wrong path. It may even be possible that both are on the wrong track, although we are not yet convinced that things have gone that far. We certainly hope and pray that is not the case now and never will be. We simply must place our faith in the Good Lord and what the people decide in the coming election, which may well be the most consequential in the history of the United States ... or, on the other hand, just may not be all that meaningful.

Most human beings have never been able to predictably guess at the future although some have admittedly been better than others at looking ahead. Make your choice and take the chance? That just may be the case. Hope and pray that it isn't. We might suggest because that's what editors have done from the outset but we really can't make you vote one way or another. We can suggest but thank heaven, we can never dictate anything.

So what do we understand now? We know that from what we have seen, the United States of America may well be marching toward a state of crisis and the entire world may be following the good ol' USA. This may be a beginning or it may be an ending. No one knows. Perhaps we were never supposed to know. Let us all now hope and pray ... with emphasis on the latter. Be yourself. Be Americans. Be spiritual in your own religious way. For the sake of us all, be good!


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