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She's Dressing Up For Halloween Regardless


October 22, 2020

Halloween is coming! I suppose that announcement is unnecessary if you are a parent, grandparent or in the vicinity of any child. But I love Halloween!

As children, my two younger brothers and I dressed up as a hobo, gypsy, or police officer. Those were the "costumes of the time" for kids during the 1960s. The three of us would trade off each year who got to rub burnt cork on their face, who wore mom's big gold clip-on earring, and which of us, and this was the big one, received the honor to wear dad's police hat. It didn't matter that I was a girl, and they were boys. We shared the joy of dressing up in costumes and collecting as much good candy as possible.

Almost any chocolate bar was considered the good candy, none of those tiny individually wrapped one-bite bars. No, I'm talking about full-size, ten-bite, no need to unwrap nine more pieces to be satisfied, candy bars. An abundance of trick-or-treaters at one specific house was a beacon for others seeking the good candy. (Kisses, unless packaged in baggies of 10 or more, do not appear in this category.)

Next, love it or hate it, Candy Corn is a Halloween must have, just omit the big pumpkins, maple leaves, and banana-shape pieces (there's an obvious question begging to be asked, but let's leave it for now) of the "Autumn Mix" due to their lack of Halloween importance. They just don't mean as much as the triangular orange, yellow and white sugar bomb, especially when offered in little personal ghost baggies.

Twizzlers and Tootsie Pops were quick and easy eats. Neither made a big mess nor lasted more than three bites and kept a sugar rush high so we could continue begging for more treats. A vicious cycle.

Anyone who handed out popcorn balls, pennies or pencils became the end-of-the-night targets. I'm not saying we three siblings took part in any of the tricking, but I can honestly say we enjoyed seeing toilet paper hanging from the trees, shrubs and railings of the houses where the owners made "poor choices." Most of us wound up going back to clean the messes the next day - at our parents' insistence.

Candy choices turned more sophisticated. Costumes become more intricate. We grew up, but I've never stopped loving Halloween. I still wear a costume and maintain a bowl of good candy. I refuse to be one of those T.P. shamed homeowners.

I'm quite sure Halloween won't be the same this year. I'll still dress up as a fairy with wings, a tutu and my magic wand and flit around the front yard of my grandchildren. There'll be kisses through a windowpane, funny antics on both sides of the glass and good candy left on the doorstep. There'll be laughter and tears and safety first.

I have hope and faith and a costume. If not now, then next year.


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