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Pott County: 10th in State Cases, tops 2,000 cases, 2 more deaths this week


October 22, 2020

Pottawatomie County ranks among top 10 for total cases

• First COVID-19 nursing home death listed today

• Total cumulative COVID-19 cases exceed 2,000 in county

Shawnee, Pott County in White House report red zone

Oct. 22, 2020 –– For the second day in a row, the death of a Pottawatomie County resident was reported, bringing the county total to 14 COVID-19 deaths – one of which has been reported from a Shawnee nursing home, according today's Oklahoma Department of Health data.

A Pottawatomie County woman, age 65 or older, was listed among 11 state deaths reported today, and yesterday's OSDH report included the death of a Pottawatomie County male, age 65 or older. To date, four COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Pottawatomie County this month, bringing the total number of fatalities to 14.

Also in the past two days, five deaths have been reported in neighboring Lincoln County - four females and one male, all age 65 or older. The current total number of deaths in Lincoln County is 20.

Pottawatomie County is currently ranked 10th in the state for cumulative total number of COVID-19 cases, with the county topping 2,000 today.

The most recent White House Report, dated Oct. 18, lists both Shawnee and Pottawatomie County in the red zone based on the number of new cases in the last three weeks. Shawnee is shown as the third highest in the state for positive case increases, while Pottawatomie County sits at number four.


Pottawatomie County has now had its first COVID-19 nursing home associated death reported. According the today's OSDH Executive Order Report, Shawnee Colonial Estates Nursing Home now reflects 18 total positive cases, with 16 recovered and one death.

Throughout the county, there have been 84 positive cases of the virus reported among nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Of the 84 total cases, 77 are listed as recovered, leaving six known active cases.

Other facilities listed include The Golden Rule Home with 41 total positive cases and 38 recovered. Primrose Retirement Community of Shawnee is listed with 10 recovered cases and Avonlea Cottage of Shawnee, LLC shows 8 COVID-19 cases, with seven recovered.


Of the 2,002 cumulative cases in the county, 293 Pottawatomie County residents are considered to have an active form of the virus and total 1,695 are listed as recovered in today's OSDH Data. OSDH defines recovered as, "Currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report."

Shawnee now totals 1158 cases, putting it 14th in the state, with 13 deaths and 952 recovered, leaving 193 known active cases of the virus. In the 74801 zip code, there are 588 total cases, five deaths, 481 recovered and 102 known active cases. In the 74804 zip code, there are 556 total cases, seven deaths, 458 recovered and 91 known active cases.

Tecumseh numbers 284 total cases with 246 recovered, leaving 38 known active cases.

McLoud now has 404 total cases, one death and 366 recovered, leaving 37 known active virus cases.

Numbers for the rest of the county are listed as follows, with cases, deaths, recovered, respectively:

Meeker * – 147, 8, 103

Prague* – 125, 1, 104

Konawa* – 60, 1 (data reflects death in Seminole County portion), 41

Earlsboro* – 54, 0, 45

Macomb – 40, 0, 32

Maud – 33, 0, 29

Wanette* – 27, 0, 24

Asher – 26, 0, 23

• Denotes multi-county zip codes


Multiple agencies in the county continue to conduct COVID-19 testing as reported by OSDH.

Citizen Potawatomie Nation Health Services shows 308 positive specimens out of a total 3,365 tests. CPN West Clinic lists 212 positive specimens out of 2,249 tests.

The Kickapoo Tribal Health Center Laboratory has reported 180 positives out of 3,137 tests.

Shawnee's xPress Wellness Urgent Care has had 681 positive specimens out of 8,179 tests.

The Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health Authority has had 67 positive cases out of 439 tests.

Shawnee Colonial Estates has had two positive specimens out of 14 tests.


Oklahoma now reflects a total of 1,221 COVID-19 fatalities, with a cumulative case total of 112,483.

The top 10 counties for cumulative case totals are as follows:

1. Oklahoma - 22,669 cases, 222 deaths, 2,801 active known

2. Tulsa - 21,032 cases, 195 deaths, 2,318 active known

3. Cleveland - 7,941 cases, 87 deaths, 983 active known

4. Canadian - 3,674 cases, 21 deaths, 724 active known

5. Payne - 2,752 cases, 11 deaths, 215 active known

6. Rogers - 2,349 cases, 54 deaths, 279 active known

7. Garfield - 2,310 cases, 25 deaths, 334 active known

8. Muskogee, 2,255 cases, 28 deaths, 283 active known

9. Comanche - 2,252 cases, 17 deaths, 336 active known

10 Pottawatomie - 2,002 cases, 14 deaths, 293 active known


ICU bed availability dropped to 8% today, down from 9% yesterday, with 87 out of 1,010 ICU beds available according to todays OSDH Executive report, which notes a bed survey compliance of 96 percent.

In a recent statement, the Oklahoma Hospital Association said, "Currently, hospital bed capacity is tight in a number of regions."

"Hospital ICU capacity is based on the number of staffed beds available.... the number of beds that the hospital has health care clinicians available to staff at a point in time."

The OHA also said, "Oklahoma has been in the midst of a shortage of nurses and heath care professionals for some time. This shortage is exacerbated during a pandemic, especially as private agencies work to redeploy nurses to other hot spots around the country at a high rate of pay. In addition, during a pandemic, hospitals will have a number of their own personnel quarantined and unable to care for patients at any given time due to exposure."

The association said capacity can change from one hour to the next.

"When data is provided about hospital ICU capacity in the metro areas, it is important to note that data is just a point in time. Hospital capacity changes throughout the day as patients are admitted, discharged or moved to a different level of care."

"However, patients and families should be aware that when capacity is strained in a region, it may be necessary to transfer patients outside of the region. In this way, hospitals can work together to ensure that all patients receive the care they need. This strain on capacity could result in patients experiencing longer wait times and delays in non-emergent care."

As a result of the current hospital capacity and a shortage of health care professionals, OHA is asking Oklahoma residents to do four things to help lessen the strain and preserve vital health care resources. The first three OHA requests are those most common: "always" wear a mask in public, avoid large gatherings and social distance "at all times," and wash hands often and thoroughly.

In addition, OHA is also now asking residents to get a flu shot.

"This is more important this year than ever before because the COVID-19 and influenza combination is very dangerous and could further strain hospitals," the OHA press release stated.


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