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Need A Real ID? Call Ahead For An Appointment


November 5, 2020


The days of walking into a tag office to renew a driver's license are being kicked to the curb. Real ID requires documents not previously needed, and you walk out with a paper copy of your license, a temporary license. Don't fret, though. You have until October 2021 to make the change.

There are some ifs, and buts to this changeover to Real ID. For example, IF your current license is good until 2023 and you do not want a Real ID, you can just wait until your current license expires. BUT, if you plan to board a plan, gain entry to a military base, enter a federal courthouse, and a few other facilities, you must have a Real ID.

Bo, Leda, and Suzanne at Tecumseh Tag shared some information about how the new process works. The ladies are scheduling appointments and say to expect to be in the office for about 30 minutes.

There are three different sections of documents you will need to bring to the appointment. Items accepted from sections 1 and 2 must be an original or certified copy. Notarized documents are not accepted.

You will need one proof of identity (ie birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or unexpired permanent resident card). The document must be an original or a certified copy.  

You must provide one proof of your social security number (ie social security card, current W-2, or 1099) showing full social security number.

You must provide two proofs of your current Oklahoma address (ie utility bill, current homeowner or renter insurance policy statement, Oklahoma motor vehicle title or registration, valid concealed carry permit). Both your name and current residential address must appear on the documents. If the document is mailed to a post office box or a business address, it will not be accepted. Junk mail or personal letters will not be accepted. Forwarded mail will not be accepted.

The examples listed in each section above are not complete lists. You can visit for a complete list and additional information.

Please be prepared to provide additional documents IF your name is different than what appears on the document used in section one. IF this is the case, you must provide additional documents to show legal proof of every name change.

You can use an original or certified copy of an official marriage license, legal adoption paperwork, legal name change document(s), or a court-ordered divorce decree.

But, Suzanne said, "Please don't shoot the messenger." With COVID-19, social distancing, and the new guidelines for the Real ID, it takes a little more time to process all the paperwork.

All documents submitted, verified, and accepted must be scanned and sent to the Department of Public Safety. Once this is finished, customers will receive a temporary paper license. DPS then has up to 30 days to mail your new Real ID to you.

The ladies all said it is currently taking about ten days for customers to receive the Real ID, also referred to as the compliant license. The driver's license we have all carried in our wallets is now referred to as non-compliant. Don't panic. This simply means it is not the new Real ID.

Whether you stick with the non-compliant id or you opt to update to the compliant Real ID, the price remains the same.

Remember, if you are ready to update your license or it is time to renew your license:

- Call ahead and make an appointment

- Bring all the needed documents from the lists shown above. If you don't have all of those documents, visit the website at to see alternative documents that may be used

- Be prepared to spend about thirty minutes at the tag office

- don't wait until the last day to renew your license. It takes time, and if you are planning a trip that requires you to fly, you will want to allow plenty of time for your Real ID to arrive through the mail.

The Real ID program is still new, and there are still a few hiccups along the way. Be patient. Not every tag agency has the equipment to process the Real ID. Both Leda and Bo have attended in-person training for Real ID; however, the rest of the staff will do online training as classes are made available.

If you are ready to obtain a Real ID, check with your favorite agent before making the drive to make sure they have the equipment and trained staff to issue the license.


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