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Letter to the Editor: Fox News


November 19, 2020


The Countywide & Sun:

"Hello, my name is Glenn and I'm a recovering former Fox News viewer." Here's my story:

1. Fox News was once a welcomed and safe portal for conservative constitutionalist to escape the bi-coastal elite left media. My divorce from Fox started months ago and the complete break came on their coverage of the 2020 Election results. Fox was one of two outlets to call Arizona for Biden. They did so at the neglect of Florida and Texas that showed substantial Trump leads. Fox got immediate heat, even from the White House, and interviewed their "Caller-in-Chief" (a Democrat - do your research) and he said he stood behind his decision 100%. The resulting storm surrounding Arizona returns is ample evidence to prove he either had a divine revelation or he knew in advance the fix was in. So much for the "We report, you decide network."

2. There is an old warning, though primarily meant for teenagers, that nails Fox News. "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." Here's a partial sample of Fox commentators: Jessica Tarlow, former Democrat strategist; Donna Brazile, Democrat who gave Hillary questions before a debate; Pat Caddell, Democrat pollster; and Juan Williams, Democrat and longtime NPR commentator. The Murdock family controls Fox News. Rupert raised money for Hillary and supported Kerry. Daughter-in-law Kathryn cheered Biden's apparent victory. Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, who is a closet RINO, and that is giving him the best of it, is on the Fox News Board of Directors.

3. My angst with Fox News is catching. The morning after the election, I turned on Newsmax where they repeatedly welcomed Fox viewers. Ratings may signal the direction the good ship Fox is sailing in toward the rocks. For years Fox News has enjoyed ratings that topped all others. Ratings mean advertisers. Some former Fox News viewers have discovered One America News. There are tens, if not hundreds, of You Tube channels that remain conservative. Although Internet anti-conservative filters often stop broadcasts.

Fox News is picking up speed but losing altitude and viewers. The Fox may be in the henhouse, but not in my house!

Glenn C. Peck



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