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Local, State COVID-19 Impact Surpasses Decade of Flu


November 19, 2020

Nov. 17 – The county added 270 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past week, as the state number jumped by 18,402 – an average of 2,628 new cases each day, according to a comparison of Oklahoma State Department of Health Executive Reports from Nov. 9 and Nov. 16.

From the first confirmed positive case in the state on March 11, it took nearly four months to reach a cumulative total of 18,496 cases statewide on July 9. During that first four months, 410 Oklahomans died.

The 94 state deaths in the past week equal about a quarter of the total during those first four months; however, with 1,538 total COVID-19 deaths now reported, more Oklahomans have died in the past eight months from COVID-19 than in the past ten years, combined, from the flu.

Historical data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health shows a cumulative total of 952 flu deaths reported since the 2009-2010 Influenza season.

Last year's flu season, 2019-2020, claimed 85 lives. The Influenza virus hit full-force in week 48, mid November, with positive tests jumping from 10 percent to more than 30 percent by week 52. The previous year claimed 87 lives but appeared to have a shorter season.

During the 2018-2019 season, positive flu tests didn't rise above the 10 percent baseline until week 2 in January and peaked around 35 percent test positivity six weeks later, in week 8 - the same week last year's season peaked.

In the past decade, the most Oklahoma flu deaths occurred during the 2017-2018 influenza season, with 298 lives lost.

COVID-19 has claimed more lives in the past 3.5 weeks, with 304 reported, than the worst flu season of this decade, according to data from the Oct. 23 and Nov. 16 Executive Reports.

As the 2020-2021 flu season begins to show movement, the most recent Influenza statistics released from OSDH show there have been a total of 39 hospitalizations since Sept. 1, with none in Pottawatomie County. No flu deaths have been reported to date.


In Pottawatomie County, 403 of the total 2,837 confirmed COVID-19 cases were considered active as of Tuesday. According to the state health agency, the county is still in the top 10 for total number of cases out of Oklahoma's 77 counties. County deaths remained at 21 total this week.

Shawnee is now listed with the 13th highest number of total cases, up from 14th last week, out of the 485 Oklahoma cities reflected in Tuesday's state reports. Cases in the Shawnee area total 1,694 confirmed positive and 18 deaths.

Specifically in the 74801 zip code, OSDH data shows 805 total cases, six deaths, and 674 listed as recovered. In the 74804 zip code, there are 862 total cases, with 11 deaths and 740 recovered.

OSDH defines recovered as "currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report."

Tecumseh has had a total of 402 confirmed virus cases, one death, and 344 are listed as recovered.

Macomb data shows 59 total cases, one death, and 50 recovered.

Asher has now had a total of 39 residents confirmed positive, 35 of which show recovered and no deaths.

Pink is listed with one recovered case and no cases have been confirmed in St. Louis.

In multi-county cities, McLoud data shows 493 total cases, one death, and 433 are considered as recovered. Earlsboro shows 78 cumulative cases, 55 of which are listed as recovered and no deaths. Meeker has now had 200 confirmed cases, with ten deaths and shows 160 recovered. OSDH data reflects 226 total cases confirmed from Prague, two deaths, and 189 recovered. In Maud, there have been 47 total cases, 36 showing recovered, and no deaths. Wanette data lists 43 cumulative cases, with 36 of those considered recovered and no deaths. There are 115 total cases listed for Konawa, with one death and 86 recovered.


In the most recent epidemiology report released on Nov. 13, four nursing homes in Shawnee show active cases, with data also reflecting four deaths.

Shawnee Colonial Estates Nursing Home added 17 more cases since in the past week for a new cumulative case total of 63 with 54 recovered and four deaths - one more than last week, which leaves five known active cases. A cumulative total of 42 cases, with 39 recovered, are listed for The Golden Rule Home and Primrose Retirement Community lists 11 total cases, 9 of which show recovered. Data for Avonlea Cottage still reflects nine total cases, eight of which are listed as recovered.


The weekly Epidemiology Report also details 6.9 percent of all Oklahoma residents testing positive for COVID-19 have been hospitalized, 10,030 in all.

The report breaks down cases, percentage hospitalized, and deaths by age. Those age 35-44 currently represent 4 percent of all COVID-19 hospitalizations (based on August case data) and a relatively low percentage of death, 0.1 percent, compared to all older population groups.

In the 45-54 age group, 6 percent have been hospitalized for an average stay of five days and represent 0.3 percent of state COVID-19 deaths.

The chance of hospitalization nearly doubles for those age 55-64, at 11 percent, with a 1.1 percent chance of death. The average length of hospital stay shows nine days for this group.

Those age 65-74 have about a one in five chance, 20 percent, of requiring hospitalization for an average 9-day stay, according to this week's report. The percentage of cases resulting in death among this age group is 3.4 percent.

Chances of hospitalization and death jump again in the 75-84 age group, with a one out of every 3.3 people (30 percent) requiring an average 8-day hospital stay and 6.5 percent of cases resulting in death.

The highest risk for death is reflected for those age 85 and older. The data shows death was the result for 13.4 percent (1 out of 7.46) of COVID-19 positive patients in this age group, with 34 percent of all positives cases from the group requiring hospitalization for an average of nine days.

Tuesday's Executive Report showed 54 available ICU beds (6 percent) statewide. Overall hospital occupancy status was 7,252 patients, of which 1,301 were confirmed COVID-19 patients, including 434 in ICU. Another 133 hospital patients were under investigation for COVID-19, including 13 in ICU. Hospital bed survey compliance was 97 percent.


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