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Tecumseh Police Report


January 14, 2021

• Officer Aaron McCormick made contact with Carol Snow on Dec. 31, when Snow arrived at the Tecumseh Police Department to file a fraud report. According to the incident report, Snow told McCormick that John Kessinger was staying at her house, and had been for about two months. Snow said she had allowed Kessinger to use her debit card one time to pay a bill, to help him out. Since then, Snow reported that Kessinger had made several charges to the card that he was not authorized to make.

The total unauthorized charges on totaled $887. While speaking to Snow, McCormick asked dispatch to check Kessinger for warrants. Dispatch advised he had a felony warrant out of Pottawatomie County for failure to appear, in the amount of $50,000, regarding a previous charge of uttering forged instruments. McCormick accompanied Snow to her residence, where he found Kessinger. Kessinger declined to speak to McCormick about the case he was investigating, but was arrested on his open warrant. Kessinger was transported to the Pottawatomie County Safety Center, where he was booked in on charges of uttering forged instruments. As of Jan. 5, Kessinger remains at the facility, and bond has been set in the amount of $50,000.

• Officer Brandon McDonald was dispatched to the Sinclair Quick Stop for a larceny on Dec. 21 at around 1:15 pm, according to an incident report. The store clerk, Christopher McPhearson, said Samuel Bowden had come into the store and taken a fountain drink without paying. McPhearson said he did not want to press charges, but wanted Bowden banned from the store. Bowden was contacted and advised that if he returned to the Sinclair, he could be arrested. Upon providing dispatch with McPhearson's information, McDonald was advised that McPhearson's license was suspended and could be seized. McDonald seized his driver's license.

• On Jan. 2, Officer Brandon McDonald was dispatched to the 800 block of North Broadway for a possible drunk male, according to police records. Upon arrival, McDonald observed a white male lying on the ground, later identified as Erick Janusz. When McDonald made contact, Janusz had slurred speech, and smelled of alcoholic beverages. Janusz was asked to sit up, but lost his balance. He told McDonald that he had consumed three quarters of a pint of liquor. Janusz was assisted to his feat, but lost balance again and stated he was drunk. At this point, Janusz was placed under arrest. He was transported to the PCPSC, and cited for public intoxication. As of Jan. 5 he remained at the facility, with bond set in the amount of $263.

• Officer Seth Bittle responded to the 20000 block of Harrison Road in regards to a stolen vehicle on Christmas Day, according to police records. Robert Farrell, the vehicle owner, told Bittle that a man known only as "Justin" had arrived at his house and stated that he was interested in buying Farrell's motorcycle. When Farrell arrived home at around 6:30 pm, he noticed that the motorcycle in question was no longer in front of his house. Farrell also noted that the spare key to his motorcycle, hanging inside the door of his residence, was missing. Robert stated that he would get the VIN number and license plate information to the Tecumseh Police Department as soon as possible. The motorcycle, a white Suzuki RFR900, has an estimated value of $3,000.


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