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The End Nears


January 14, 2021

For the past several decades, American citizens of all descriptions and philosophies have decried "the mess in Washington" without doing much of anything about it. Presidents, senators, representatives, bureaucrats, congressional staffers of all descriptions, lobbyists, journalists, advisors, judges, paid employees of every stripe and the general public seemed to exist and move slowly but usually surely ahead in what amounted to a governmental flux. Every now and then, something positive would be accomplished and everybody would clap, smile, slap one another on the back, then go back to business as usual. There was just no point in messing with the details. This was Washington, D.C. Don't worry too much, pals. Just keep going. Everything will be A-OK.

That all ended last week and it was not with a cheer or as much as a fake round of applause. Everything collapsed in a single day in the midst of a political whimper. For better or worse, most of the blame was laid at the foot of Donald Trump, who was the president then, likely is still the president as you read this, but may not be the president tomorrow or the day after next.

Why? Because Nancy Pelosi, the powerful speaker of the House of Representatives, is on the prowl again and she wants Mr. Trump's scalp in the worst kind of way. You know. Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy gets ... not all of the time but most of the time. Right now, Mr. President, Nancy wants you outta the White House and she's going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. She'll do anything to run you out of town. Who knows? She might even buy you a bus ticket to South Florida before she accompanies whoever might succeed you to the ramp of Air Force One.

Even though she's already tried and failed once, Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of shaking the impeachment booger again. How you go doesn't make a whit of difference to her. She wants you out and she holds the gavel. Get it? If she can, she'll settle for an impeachment a few days before you would have to leave anyway. She is the angel and you are the devil. It's about time you got the message. Right? Right On! Just ask Mrs. Pelosi.

So what are you supposed to do, Mr. President? There was an attack on the Congress of the United States and it was downright ugly. On its darkest side, otherwise innocent people lost their lives. There is a common belief that at the very least, you helped feed that blaze. Some people claim you did a great deal to promote the riot. It looks to us as if Ms. Pelosi falls in that second category.

Everyone understands that this is not the first time Ms. Pelosi has wandered down this road. She tried once before. Remember? She failed to get what she wanted. You know. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Nancy Pelosi may even carry a copy of that old saw in the purse she likes the best. Why not?

Basically, Mr. President, we believe you have done a good job under difficult circumstances but we understand that not everyone agrees with that assessment. The road ahead is not likely to be easy and it's obvious that good ol' Joe Biden, the man who as vice president carried a lot of water for former President Barack Obama but also allowed one of his sons to play footsie with the Communist Chinese, is going to be the president in charge. There may or may not have been wrongdoing in the elections just past but at this point, that is simply water under the bridge. This country needs to get over that and get everything moving again. It is clear that Joe Biden will be the next person to try. Every American should wish him the best. We do.

As for the Mrs. Pelosi's pipe dream of impeaching Donald Trump a day or two before he would be out of office anyway, that makes no sense whatsoever. In his four tumultuous years in office, Mr. Trump left his mark on history. Some of his legacy is shaky but for the most part, he proved to be a solid leader. He clearly failed to handle his last-minute crisis as properly as he should have but he earned a solid "A" on most of the things he tried. He presided over a very strong economy before things began to fall apart at the behest of the Chinese. His presidency was clearly harmed by the Chinese-bred pandemic but sad as it is, that will certainly be part of his legacy. For the record, that pandemic also has become a daily disappointment for many Oklahomans who have been told they have qualified for a potential life-saving vaccination but when they try to book an appointment, they learn on-line there's no room for them day after day after day. Do something about that, Health Department, and do it quickly! You set it up and it's your responsibility!

As for Mr. Trump, thank you for the good things you did and many of the other things you tried to do. History is likely to treat you better than the Pelosi's of this world can ever imagine. You earned that and more. A lot of us out here appreciate your years in office. You've done your part. It's time for you to live it up in retirement. We salute you.


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