Letter to the Editor: News is propaganda


January 28, 2021


The Countywide & Sun:

Response to Bradford's letter of Jan. 14:

The protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was perpetrated and preplanned by BLM and ANTIFA activists and paid for by liberal socialists. Even CNN the propaganda news ran that story.

Check your facts, the breach occurred while President Trump was speaking at his rally. So obviously his comments did not incite anything. I watched his rally. He specifically asked for a peaceful demonstration. You clearly didn't watch because you are spewing fake news.

Let's talk about voter fraud. Poll watchers weren't allowed in polling sites. We had dead and out of state voters. Votes from the same person in multiple counties. No verification of signatures on mail in ballots. You would have to be blind not to see the bins of ballets being pulled out from under tables after the polling location was closed. You probably missed it because you only watch fake news. That is the very definition of voter fraud.

Your comment on changing government through the ballet box is absurd. Our elections are now corrupt and rigged to insure liberal socialist outcomes. Making DC a state, which is unconstitutional, will further guarantee the result. Our elections will be for show only like all good little socialist countries.

You keep going on about democracy. Our country is no longer a democracy. We are socialist with the door open for communism. Feinstein had a communist on payroll for years. Swalwell was bedding a communist spy. Good old Joe and Hunter have taken millions from communist China and Russia.

Our 1st amendment is under attack. Conservative opinions are being blocked on social media and anywhere else the liberals can exert pressure. Conservatives are being fired and their families threatened for daring to voice they opinion. There is a push from the left to deprogram Trump supporters. Does that sound like free speech to you? Sounds like communism to me.

Unless you watch Newsmax you only see fake news propaganda. They tell you what they want you to believe and only allow you to repeat their agenda. CNN is pushing to shut Newsmax down. Again that's communism.

How about the group of unmasked super spreader illegals heading for our border? There are approximately 10,000 illegals with some already diagnosed with COVID. Who's going to get the vaccine first? Citizens or illegals?

It's people like you that have ruined our country. You are no patriot!

Tari Cole



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