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Letters to the Editor: Who benefits from division?


February 4, 2021


The Countywide & Sun:

I was intrigued by the perspectives offered by Tari Cole's Jan 28th letter. I am a liberal. I believe that means that I am open to new ideas for solutions to problems. My Daddy, when things are not working, said it is time to look for new solutions. 

I want a fair and caring government in my country, I believe an economic system of regulated capitalism creates the healthiest and most energetic economy for a country. I also believe many public services should be provided by the government to insure a healthy economy and workforce for all citizens. 

Those services include, health care (Medicare for all), retirement systems (Social Security), police and fire protection, education for current workforce requirements, open communication sources, and environmental controls that make America safe from environmental catastrophes. Some of those services such as Social Security and Medicare are definitely socialist systems. Some of these services are already socialized; some only protect some citizens instead of all citizens. I want every American to have the same protections as every other American.  

I do not want to live in a Communist country. Communism is very different from socialism. In a Communist country all property is owned by the government.  

Ms. Cole seems to think that every liberal watches CNN constantly. I have never watched CNN. I don't have cable and don't want it. I also do not watch MSNBC which is supposedly the liberal media's flagship. I do listen to and watch Reuthers, AP, BBC, CBS and Al Jazeera.   

Interestingly both Al Jazeera and Newsmax have the Qatari government as their owners or major stockholders. I think it is hilarious that an Islamist monarchy which rules with Sharia Law is the majority stockholder of Newsmax and owns all of Al Jazeera. Please ask your favorite search engine who owns each of these news outlets if you don't believe me.

As for her claim that BLM and Antifa were the instigators of the Jan 6th capital insurrection, I hope all news media will publicize the history of everyone that is charged with these acts of domestic terrorism. So far, the ones I have read about are textbook right wing and conspiracy theory followers.  

It is way past time for all Americans to ask themselves who is benefiting from the division in our country. I am pretty sure it is not America.

Jo Davis



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