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February 18, 2021


The Countywide & Sun:

Tari Cole, you were right on. Maybe this will explain why the old Democrat party doesn't exist anymore.

Let's pretend it is 1948. A Democratic candidate running for office is emphatic that homosexuals should be allowed to legally marry, that abortion should not only be perfectly legal but also that the government should pay for it in this country and in other countries, that a person is possibly not really their birth gender but should be helped to take action to change to his or her "real" gender, etc.

This candidate would be highly ridiculed and rejected even by his own party. But today, that same candidate's views would be seen as perfectly normal and worthy of support in his party. He has "progressed."

What has happened in the past seventy years to bring about this about? I think it can be explained. The left has no foundation, no unswerving moral compass, that can help to keep beliefs constant but rather is subject to whatever depraved minds can come up with. Since depravity can flourish where there are no principles set in stone, it can become the rule.

On the other hand, conservatives believe roughly the same today as they did in 1948. Why the difference? I contend that there is an unchanging plumb line that has undergirded conservatives. This foundation is unchanging Biblical Scripture. Am I suggesting that everyone who calls themselves a conservative believes Scripture and never deviates from it? Definitely not. I'm not that naïve. But the foundation is still there, at least for now. If conservatives also decide to reject this foundation, conservatism will sink into depravity just as liberalism has. There is great temptation and a push for conservatives to culture down as well.

William Pope



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