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Letter to the Editor



The Countywide & Sun:


At 79, I am a fair judge of character and potential. I have said it before and will say it again - I hope I live long enough to see a portion of the heights of service God is preparing for you.

Please remember: The tallest trees attract the lightning first. Be well grounded. The closer you stand with Jesus, the more mud will hit you. "NO" is a complete sentence that does not require definition or defense. Practice saying it.

Always take each task seriously, but never yourself. You have many gifts and personal attributes that will continue to earn you praise and recognition - be careful, pride is a monster that is never satisfied. Stand up boldly, speak up clearly and know when to shut up.

An old observer of your bright stellar future,

Glenn C. Peck


(Editor's Note: This letter was originally sent to Alex Sloan, a Countywide & Sun reporter who left us this week to go to law school. It is reprinted here with Mr. Peck's permission.)


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