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Border Situation Is A Heartbreaking Crisis


The most powerful thing about the achieving the American Dream is that it doesn't have to begin in America. The United States is a nation of immigrants, who come to our country often with little more than a dream of a better life. But for the many who are crossing our border illegally, that dream has become a nightmare.

When President Biden took office, he gave migrants good reason to believe they would be offered a legal status and a pathway to citizenship. He stopped building the wall, brought back catch and release, and got rid of the Remain in Mexico policy. Now, we're witnessing what is considered one of the worst humanitarian, national security, public health crises at our southern border, with no end in sight.

The surge of people traveling illegally into the United States has created unprecedented challenges for law enforcement officers, farmers, ranchers, small business owners and sadly, many communities surrounding the southern border. The past three months have each seen more than 170,000 border encounters – a new 21-year high, totaling over half a million illegal crossings.

These numbers are resulting in overcrowded shelters, human trafficking, drug smuggling and violence. In addition, the surge of unaccompanied children coming across the border shows no signs of slowing. In June, the number of children arriving daily rose to 530.

The number of migrants we're seeing crossing the border is overwhelming our nation's immigration system. Customs and Border Protection continues to do everything they can, but don't have the capacity to intercept every drug smuggler, MS-13 gang member or human trafficker attempting to cross the border. The failure of the Biden Administration to secure our nation's borders is making our communities and families less safe.

Despite the continuation of rising border encounters each month, House Democrats now want to defund Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement by nearly $1 billion. This is unsustainable. It also sends yet another invitation to human smugglers and drug traffickers looking to exploit this crisis.

Our CBP, ICE, and DHS officers have been on the ground, day in and day out, putting their lives at risk to keep us safe and protect America. Calls to defund them during the worst migration crisis in modern US history are deeply troubling.

I believe that those seeking a new opportunity in America must go through a legal immigration process. The open border rhetoric from the Biden Administration has encouraged thousands of people to make the dangerous trek to the United States. It's devastating to see unaccompanied children, deaths from heat, drowning incidents and suicides as people risk their lives. I remain committed to securing our border, protecting our border cities from chaos, supporting our men and women in green who protect our border honorably, and ending this heartbreaking crisis.


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